Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Is Already Gone

I have always thought that we get short changed during the month of February, we only get 28 days. With that said, we are two months into the new year and I am staying on target with my goals for 2010. I just finished another unit of Boyz for my 40K army. Now I only have to paint a few more models to get my 400 points finished. I am going to paint my Lootas done during the month of March.

Since I finished a few days early for the month of February I started work on an EPIC terrain piece. I am making an Ork air base. I am going to use it as my blitz objective. Anthony, just so that you know, the bunker can hold up to 12 Fighter-Bommerz.

I also wanted to share a a hobby tip. I few weeks back I purchased a 12 inch piece of granite tile. I use it on my work bench to help save my table top from getting cut up when I am building stuff. It is just a nice hard and flat surface to work on. After I purchased the granite I then added some felt tabs on the bottom so that the granite does not scratch my table top.


Epic Empires Gaming said...

Great tip on the piece of granite. Thanks for the good idea!

Inhir said...

Good god 12 i couldnt stop five