Saturday, February 20, 2010

Da Boyz

My vacation ended and I just wanted to share my last painting project for the week. My goal for this vacation was to paint a Kill Kan (done) and a unit of 10 Boyz with Shootas. I fell short on the Boyz and only finished 5 of them. I did not really enjoy painting them because they were already put together. Boyz with Shootas have a very closed pose and the Shootas are close to their chest. This made it very difficult to paint them and I kept having to touch up my painting. If you are asking yourself, "So why did you put them together". Well I would tell you these models were salvaged models. I picked these guys up in a trade and they were already painted. I was going to drop them in the trash and decided to attempted something new. I stripped the paint with Simple Green. After they were stripped of their previous paint job I repainted them. So the little frustration I experienced painting them is all forgiven because I didn't have to purchase new models, that saved me a few bucks in the long run.

I also had some time to hang out at my local game shop and play some games. What kind of a vacation would it be if I didn't bring my EPIC army out and stomp on so IG guys. My buddy Anthony and I played a very fun game of EPIC and I brought a special weapon, Fighta-Boomers. He was not expecting them and had no way to counter their attacks, Sorry Anthony but war is not meant to be fair.

I would have to say my vacation was very relaxing and I did get most of what I wanted painted. I will continue to work on the second half of my Boyz and should have them done soon.


Inhir said...

sigh well who knew sun zu was an orc i mean first you show up with an army i didnt even know you had then you show up with air craft at a FREINDLY game well i guess your right all is fair in love and WAR

Da Green Skins said...

Wait till our next game sir. I have more in plan for your little IG guys. I will open up the syk and drop down upon your army smashing them into the earth to fertilize the soil. Till then have a great day.