Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Is Already Gone

I have always thought that we get short changed during the month of February, we only get 28 days. With that said, we are two months into the new year and I am staying on target with my goals for 2010. I just finished another unit of Boyz for my 40K army. Now I only have to paint a few more models to get my 400 points finished. I am going to paint my Lootas done during the month of March.

Since I finished a few days early for the month of February I started work on an EPIC terrain piece. I am making an Ork air base. I am going to use it as my blitz objective. Anthony, just so that you know, the bunker can hold up to 12 Fighter-Bommerz.

I also wanted to share a a hobby tip. I few weeks back I purchased a 12 inch piece of granite tile. I use it on my work bench to help save my table top from getting cut up when I am building stuff. It is just a nice hard and flat surface to work on. After I purchased the granite I then added some felt tabs on the bottom so that the granite does not scratch my table top.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Game Bashing

You might have heard of something called Kit Bashing, if not let me share with you what this term means. It is when you take different model kits and make one model out of all the parts. It is a lot of fun to Kit Bash especially when you play Orks. I have seen many great Kit Bashing projects and have created a few myself.

Now let me share something new, I am going to call it Game Bashing. Same concept as Kit Bashing however I want to take a few games and create a new game.

Let me give you some basic background with my gaming history. I started playing table top war games years ago. My first table top war game was Flames Of War. I really liked the historical aspect of the game along with the models. Like most kids growing up I played with GI Joe toys and little green soldiers. So Flames Of War was the perfect fit for me. I stopped playing the game around second edition. There were a few things that pulled me away from the game however the main reason was the game died at my local friendly game shop. Now Flames Of War is making a come back with new models coming out and early war rules being released soon. So my interest in this game has sparked back up however I am not totally sold on the main rules and army stats.

About 6 months ago I started playing EPIC 40K. Now this is a fun game to play and has a great rule set to support it. When I play EPIC I feel that I am playing a real table top war game. I have lots of troops to command on the table and it requires more tactics rather then special charters with cool weapons. I know I can play regular 40K with more points however it is the rules that make EPIC so much better.

Trust me, if I could find a gaming system that already exists using 6mm models that is fun to play I would just play that particular game. I have not found a gaming system that I like so let me explain what I want to do. I want to take the army lists and point structure from Flames Of War to create your army. Then using the basic rules from EPIC to play the game using GHQ models, 6mm. I know that many of the rules will need to be modified and stats will need to be changed to make this work. So I am looking for some feedback from the gaming community with thoughts on this project. I want simple rules that are fast and fun to play with more balance in the armies. This would not be a historically accurate gaming system, we would just be pushing around WWII tanks instead of tanks from the future. So before I put a lot of time and energy into re-writing rules what do you think?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Da Boyz

My vacation ended and I just wanted to share my last painting project for the week. My goal for this vacation was to paint a Kill Kan (done) and a unit of 10 Boyz with Shootas. I fell short on the Boyz and only finished 5 of them. I did not really enjoy painting them because they were already put together. Boyz with Shootas have a very closed pose and the Shootas are close to their chest. This made it very difficult to paint them and I kept having to touch up my painting. If you are asking yourself, "So why did you put them together". Well I would tell you these models were salvaged models. I picked these guys up in a trade and they were already painted. I was going to drop them in the trash and decided to attempted something new. I stripped the paint with Simple Green. After they were stripped of their previous paint job I repainted them. So the little frustration I experienced painting them is all forgiven because I didn't have to purchase new models, that saved me a few bucks in the long run.

I also had some time to hang out at my local game shop and play some games. What kind of a vacation would it be if I didn't bring my EPIC army out and stomp on so IG guys. My buddy Anthony and I played a very fun game of EPIC and I brought a special weapon, Fighta-Boomers. He was not expecting them and had no way to counter their attacks, Sorry Anthony but war is not meant to be fair.

I would have to say my vacation was very relaxing and I did get most of what I wanted painted. I will continue to work on the second half of my Boyz and should have them done soon.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Killa Kan

Well my painting vacation has been very relaxing. I finished my Killa Kan today and must say, I am very happy with my results. Now I will continue work on my unit of 10 Boyz with Shootas. I have a lot of their base coating down, I just need to start work on the details.

Now I am pleased to say I had an opportunity to build one of the new Killa Kans and Deff Dread. I was at my local hang out on Friday and the shop received the BLACK BOX. If you don't know what the BLACK BOX is let me tell you. When GW has a new release of models, rules or codex they send a preview copy to local stores. On Friday we got all the new goodies in at once, Killa Kans, Deff Dread, SM Dread and Battle Mission book. Boy oh Boy it was a great day. I asked the shop owner, Darren, if I could build one of the Killa Kans and he said go for it. Once I had one done he asked me to do the Deff Dread. I had a lot of fun building these kits. They go together very nicely with a few different upgrades and changes you can make. I did the Deff Dread with 4 CCWs and it looked awesome. Now I have to wait till March 6 to purchase mine. I am going to get two boxes of the Killa Kans (that is six Killa Kans) and a Dreff Dread.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

EPIC Basing

At 3:00 P.M. today I punched out from work and my vacation officially started. This is a much deserved break from work. It has been almost 1 year since my last vacation. So I have no plans to leave town or get anything done around the house. I am simply taking a mental break from work.

Now let me get to the purpose of this post. I started playing EPIC a few months ago. I really enjoy the game and have already collected a good size army. I purchased my models from e-bay and have seen many armies up for bid. I have seen some great models on e-bay however they were lost in the base material. The basing material used was out of scale. The grass was too tall or clumpy. The sand was just too rocky and chunky. I have played around with different basing materials and have found that most of the materials is just too big. My experimenting has lead me to something called "Decor Sand". I purchase it from a craft store and it comes in a verity of colors. I just pick out some of the flat surfaces on the base, I use a very small amount of Zap-A-Gap and then put some sand over the glue. Then I apply some paint and I am done. When I find a grass material that I like I will apply it, until then I am just going to keep them the way they are.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Killa Kan

Starting Thursday I will be on vacation from work. I have plans to get a units of Boyz painted and my Killa Kan. I built this Killa Kan a few months ago and equipped it with a Grotzooka. Since the model did not come with one I had to scratch build it. I like the way it turned out and will keep everyone posted on my painting vacation.

On a side note, if you haven't seen the new Killa Kanz and Deff Dread you should visit the GW web site. The new models are all plastic and the Killa Kanz come in a box containing three. I am looking forward to their release this March.

And this next picture is for my friend Anthony, a picture of the EPIC Orks that I painted. I hope you like them and next time we play EPIC I will bring my Orks and not Smurfs.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Reveiwing My New Year Resolutions

As many of us already know, after the start of a New Year we quickly forget about our resolutions. We simply fall back into old habits and then regret not sticking to our plan. I for one am doing my best to keep my resolutions alive throughout the year. I spent a few minutes to review my 2010 resolutions I made and make some adjustments to my original plans.

1. Thinning out my collections of models. This is one of my resolutions that I am going to change. At first I really wanted to cut my collection down however I have changed my mind. I purchased my models for a reason, I either like the army or the models. So what I decided to not purchase new models unless they are for my current armies. So this mean no new games, which is hard for me, and no new armies. I must admit January has been a hard month because my local game shop has brought in some new game lines that I like.

2. I will be dumping all my RPG's. Still working on this one. I have asked around to see if anyone wants the games that I have with no takers. I might just have to take them down to the ebay store and leave them there.

3. Painting is going to be my main focus this year. Still my focus, I just finished painting 35 Ork models for EPIC. That gives me a total of 9 painted stands for my army. The month of February I will be painting another unit for my 40k army.

4. Finish works on a few of my projects that I have already started. So far so good on this resolution. I have finished my Humvee project and made some terrain. I still have two more partial projects to finish.

5. Play more games. Believe it or not I need to work on this one. I have not played a game of EPIC or 40K this year. I have played Magic the Gathering however that is not what I mean by playing more games. I am scheduled to play EPIC this Friday and I am looking forward to it.

Well that is how my 2010 resolutions are going. How have you been doing on your resolution for this New Year?