Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rain Day

Thursday, my day off from work, was a rain day. We received a lot of rain and my plans for yard work and other chores could not get done. So I took this free time to learn something new, making terrain. My friend and I play EPIC and we have been talking about making terrain specifically for our games. We wanted to have terrain that was scaled more closely to the EPIC models. So I purchased some Styrofoam and started cutting out some hills. I kept them really basic, just rolling hills with some rock formation. I covered them with fine sand then paint and flock. I think they turned out good and should serve their purpose just fine. I still will need to develop my skills with my Hot Wire Cutters and painting earth tones. Maybe we will get more rain next Thursday so I can practice some more.


Inhir said...

Looks very good buddy cant wait to spill ork go on it.

Inhir said...

sigh always tryin to show me up how sad.... or at least it would be if he didnt do it consitantly :(

Da Green Skins said...

This is just a starting point for what I want to make for EPIC. Just wait till Friday and you see what I have painted for my army.