Saturday, January 2, 2010

Looking Foward To 2010

We are on day two of 2010 and it has promise to be a great year. Many bloggers have been posting about their goals for 2010 and I figured why not do the same. I am going to start by having a slogan to get me threw the year. My slogan for 2010 is going to be "Getting Back To Basics". The reason I am "Getting Back To Basics" is simple, I have too many models, gaming systems and projects and not enough time to get everything done. So let me get to my list of goals for this year.


1. Thinning out my collections of models. I have collected many models over the years and many of them are not built, sitting in the boxes with the price tags still on them. To me this seems silly to have all these models if I have no chance of ever getting them built and painted. So it is time to clear some shelve space in my hobby room. I have not decided what will stay and what will go, all I know is that stuff will be going in 2010.

2. I will be dumping all my RPG's. I have no time to play them and no interest in playing them any more.

3. Painting is going to be my main focus this year. I still have not painted a whole army yet. I have completed a few small painting projects however I still jump from one project to another. So this year I am only going to focus my painting on two army projects. I am going to continue painting my 40K Combat Patrol Orks and my Epic Orks. All other painting projects are going to be put on hold, I should say packed up and put away till another day.

4. Finish works on a few of my projects that I have already started. This includes my Humvee, Double Wide Land Raider and my Looted Wagon. I will be starting one new project this year I am just not sure when so I will talk about this in a latter post.

5. Play more games. With my work schedule and not having a game shop close to my home makes it hard to play games. I will be making more of an effort to get to the shop and play more games.

That is all I am going to work on this year for my gaming life. To start the new year I spent New Years Day playing games and working on my Humvee project. I will have this project completed my the end of January and I will keep my blog up to date with my progress. I am looking forward to 2010.



Inhir said...

LOoking good mike Im glad epic made the cut. Is the other project the project that im thinking of :)

Da Green Skins said...

It depends on what you are thinking of. I really want to add warbugies to my 40k army however I don't like the current model. I am waiting to see if GW releases a new one in 2010, if not I will make one and then cast it. This way I can have a fleet of them.

Robert said...

I'm glad you are finally getting a painted army. I'm almost finished with my Tau.