Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Combat Patrol Update Week Three

Last night was the start of week three for our combat patrol. The rules allowed players to make changes to their lists. So I made a lot of changes to my list. I was losing most of my games because I could not get across the table fast enough. So here is my new list.

Unit of 11 Orcs Boys with a Nob upgrade holding a Power Klaw and Big Shoota upgrade
One Truck
Unit of 5 Lootas
Unit of 8 Storm Boys with a Nob upgrade holding a Power Klaw
Killa Kan with Grotzooka

This has added the needed speed to my list and I still have the shooting power of the Lootas. It is a better list now I just need to get my games in. I will be at the game shop all day on Friday and I am hoping to get a few games in. I did get some more boys painted.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Combat Patrol Update

The first week of Combat Patrol ended and we started week two on Tuesday night. I had to make some changes to my list, Killa Kans can't take two weapons. This was pointed out by a friend who follows my blog. I asked him why he didn't post a comment on my blog correcting my mistake. He informed me that my blog page did not allow him to post comments. After playing my games and only winning a moral victory, I killed stuff however did not win the game, I checked my blog page and my friend was correct. So toady at work I figured out what was wrong and corrected it. Now you can leave me comments and I would appreciate any feed back from the gaming community at large.

Now that my list is legal, I dropped the two weapons and just went with a Grootzooka, I can move forward with painting. I have completed 3 Ork models using the Army Painter Dipping (Shading) product. I have been dipping models for some time now and have improved on my methods over the years. The Army Painter product appears to me to just be wood stain repackaged with their own label. I do like the different shads that they offer and their product is not as thick as regular wood stain, i.e. Midwax Wood Stain. It worked out well and I am happy with the results. Let me know what you think.

The Ork on the left is shinny because I just sprayed it with dull coat and I took the picture before it dried.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Combat Patrol

My local friendly game shop is starting a five week combat patrol league this Tuesday. I put together a 400 point list and had a chance to play it a few times. It might not be the strongest list however it will be a fun list to play. One of the scoring features is for painting. We are allowed to start the league with our armies un-painted however we will be scored at the end of the league for painting. So I will be busy painting for the next five weeks. I decided to post my list and will keep it updated with my progress.

Unit of 15 Ork Boys with a Nob upgrade holding a Power Claw.

Unit of 15 Ork Boyz with a Nob upgrade holding a Power Claw.

Unit of 5 Lootas

One Killa Kan

This does mean I will be pushing back my Humvee project and have boxed up my Epic Orks for a later date. Once I get this army painted I will jump back onto my other projects.