Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Awhile back I started working on my Space Marine Ork Army. Just recently I finished the 10 man tactical squad. This gives me enough models to play a small game. I still need to work on the models and then get paint on them. This is NOT going to be a WYSIWYG army. This is just going to be a fun army to play with my friends. Every model in the army will be converted and made to look like Space Marines. One day I will have to write a background on how these Orks became Space marines. Until then, enjoy the pictures.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Painted Smoke Project

Nothing to say, just posting pictures.

Friday, April 10, 2009

"How To" make Smoke


Start by building the model leaving the rocket off. Then drill a hole in the center of the rocket and insert a brass rod. I use GF9 heavy rods. These rods provide the best support for this type project.


Now it is time to build the base. I start by cutting the stock base off the model and save it. Use caution when cutting the base off not to cut the foot. Then I take a good old fashion quarter and glue it to the bottom of the base. Then I take the stock base from the model and glue it onto the black base. I am using the stock base to provide additional support to the brass rod when I glue it into place.


At this point it is time to start looking at how you want to position the model. Keep in mind that if you place the model at an angle it will cause it to tip. Even with the weight from the quarter, too much of an angle will cause it to tip. Once you have decided on how you want to position the model drill a hole in the base and see how it looks. If you are happy with everything then glue the Ork on the rocket. The one I am showing has too much of an angle. So I went outside and picked up some rocks and added them to the base.


Now it is time to start making smoke. I use the bush flock material. I start by gluing it to the brass rod. I use Zap-A-Gap to secure the flock to the brass rod. Then I add some additional flock. Once I have the smoke the way I want it, then I add more glue to the smoke. Make sure the flock is secured. I got a little carried away on this sample. You can make the smoke as heavy or light as you want it.


Next I want to fill in the gaps and holes. I use white glue and water. I poor the glue on the smoke then dip a paint brush in water. The I spread the glue around filling the gaps and holes. I keep adding water to the glue and spreading it around. This will thin the glue and fill in the holes and gaps. This second coat of glue will also add additional strength to the flock. Then I wait for it to dry.


Now prime the model. I use White primer for this project.


CAUTION STEP: Now I take a lighter and to burn the smoke. This will burn the small stray flock pieces. Be very careful, this stuff will start to burn fast and the smoke can be toxic to your health. Please, ask your parents to assist you with this step and if your an adult don't be careless. USE CAUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now you have smoke. If you want you can use a tooth brush or similar tool lightly brush away some of the burnt material. The lighter you use the flame the more white will show through. If you go heavy with it the more black you will see. If you compare my to samples you can see the difference.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Making Smoke

I recently built a unit of Ork Stormboyz and wanted to make them look like they are in motion. I am not totally sold on my smoke yet. Let me know what you think.

Army Storage

Since I moved into the new home I have been busy working on my hobby room. I have not been building models, I have been creating army storage. I have many models and only so much space to store the models once they have been built. I stole this ideal from a fellow gamer and took it one step further. After moving I had some banker boxes I used to move my books. I didn't want to just place them in the recycling bin. So I decided to cut them down for the height of the models I wanted to store. Then I placed a sheet of metal in the bottom. I use magnets on all my bases so they are safe during transportation. This then created a nice storage box for my armies. Now I can store all my built models and use the storage boxes for transportation.