Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My EPIC Army


Some time ago I posted a picture of an Epic Ork that I had painted. I was in motion building this army however I stopped working on it for a more pressing project. Last night I just finished assembling my last Battle Wagon. What you see in the picture are the models that are on magnetic bases. I still have many models that I have not based yet so I have more work ahead of me.

I have played the game twice so far and really enjoy the rules set we are using, Epic Armageddon Handbook 2008. The game is fast paced with more thought on strategies rather then powerful character models. I still have a lot to learn about the game and will keep my progress posted.


Inhir said...

My god!!! There everywhere!! Brake out the lasguns and warm up the Russes boys we got mushrums to kill and they arnt going to make it easy. Legionaries prepare to charge!!! charge!!

- Octavian Caldron Legate 10th Alearan

But seriosly looking good mike can't wait to show them thier place i mean play them

Da Green Skins said...

Let the madness begin. I will flood the table with little green people, so many little green people it will drive you mad. Then when things get out of control we will press the big red button that the boss told us about. Then all hell will break out and all bets are off. Till then have a great new years. Mike