Monday, November 9, 2009

Combat Patrol

My local friendly game shop is starting a five week combat patrol league this Tuesday. I put together a 400 point list and had a chance to play it a few times. It might not be the strongest list however it will be a fun list to play. One of the scoring features is for painting. We are allowed to start the league with our armies un-painted however we will be scored at the end of the league for painting. So I will be busy painting for the next five weeks. I decided to post my list and will keep it updated with my progress.

Unit of 15 Ork Boys with a Nob upgrade holding a Power Claw.

Unit of 15 Ork Boyz with a Nob upgrade holding a Power Claw.

Unit of 5 Lootas

One Killa Kan

This does mean I will be pushing back my Humvee project and have boxed up my Epic Orks for a later date. Once I get this army painted I will jump back onto my other projects.


Inhir said...

Dont box up Epic its the best :(

Alexander Man said...

Good looking Orks man..!