Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Combat Patrol Update Week Three

Last night was the start of week three for our combat patrol. The rules allowed players to make changes to their lists. So I made a lot of changes to my list. I was losing most of my games because I could not get across the table fast enough. So here is my new list.

Unit of 11 Orcs Boys with a Nob upgrade holding a Power Klaw and Big Shoota upgrade
One Truck
Unit of 5 Lootas
Unit of 8 Storm Boys with a Nob upgrade holding a Power Klaw
Killa Kan with Grotzooka

This has added the needed speed to my list and I still have the shooting power of the Lootas. It is a better list now I just need to get my games in. I will be at the game shop all day on Friday and I am hoping to get a few games in. I did get some more boys painted.


Inhir said...

It certainly is a solid list