Thursday, October 22, 2009

Basing my Orks

I must admit, I have been procrastinating building my 40K Orks. I was struggling with how I would store my army once I had it built. I normally use rare earth magnets on my bases and keep them stored in a bankers box. I can't do this with my 40K army because the rare earth magnets are too strong and will cause problems on the table when I play. After trolling around on forums and reading other blogs I came up with a solution.

My solution is to use metal washers. Just a quick 1,2,3 of what I did. I used 1 inch washers which measure out to be 25.4 millimeters. The advantage of using the washers over the GW bases is that you are getting the full size of the base. The GW bases are angled on the sides and you are not really using a 25 millimeter base. The washer are great for my Orks so that their feet are not hanging over the sides. I then glued the washers on a piece of plastic card, 0.5 millimeters thick. I did this to cover the hole in the washer. I used a thin plastic card so that I could removed the excess material in a timely fashion. After the glue dried I cut off the excess and filed down the edges. I then lined my banker box with magnets strips and I was done.

I pulled the picture below off an older post so that you have a better understanding of how I store my armies. I take banker boxes and cut the height down. Then I have a great storage box.


plastic card said...

Some nice stuff of making different things of the plastic. Here are some commandos and vehicles which are very beautifully decorated with the plastic.