Monday, September 14, 2009

Epic Orks

I have been re-introduced to the game of EPIC 40K. I have always been interested in this gaming system however very few people played, so I never invested any money. Over the past few months more and more gamers at IOG (Imperial Outpost Games) have been playing Epic. I downloaded the free rules (Epic Armageddon Handbook 2008) and then bought a small army from Ebay. My army showed on in the mail box on Saturday and I was just amazed how small the Orks are.

This morning I took a stab at painting one of the Ork Boyz. Keep in mind when you look at this picture it is much larger then the actual model. This is a 6mm gaming system and the models are really small. Now looking at my army list I have about 500 more models to paint. Good thing it only takes about 5 minutes to paint one of these Boyz.


Inhir said...

Looks good hope you get the rest built soon so we can throw down