Saturday, September 26, 2009


If you follow blogs and read forums you have might have heard of a place called Michaels. It is a large franchise craft store. I had some free time today and spent about an hour just wondering around looking at random items. I must say that it is more then a craft store, it is a gamers paradise.

Just a short list of things I purchase from Michaels.

Paint: they have a large selection of different paints from 99 cents to 15 dollars. It just depends on what you are looking for. I purchase the 99 cent acrylic paints for terrain and bases. I have also purchased some of their higher end acrylic paints and they work just as good as GW paints.

Paint Brushes: Since I am on the subject of painting, I buy almost all my paint brushes from Michaels. They cost a lot less and work just as well.

Basing Materials: Now they don't sell flocking material however they do have different types of sand, stones and other items to use on my bases. Take a walk through the flower section and just look around and what they have to offer.

Wire: I picked up some small gauge wire I use for a verity of different things. I spent two dollars for a spool of this wire and it will last me a long time.

Magnets: They have a small selection of magnets to use for you bases. They sell sheets of magnets with adhesive on one side. Very nice for magnetizing your bases. They do sell rare earth magnets however I can get them cheaper on line in bulk.

Models: Yes they have a section of regular models and supplies. They get different models in and I have found a few for bits.

Tools: You can find all sorts of tools to aid in your modeling. I found some of the better tools in the beading section.

Wood: If you need some basal or regular wood Michaels has a great selection to choose from. They also have some decorative pieces that work great for displays.

These are just a few of the things I find at Michaels. If you have not been to one of their stores make the trip. Look around for awhile and see what you can find.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Humvee Update

It has been a busy week for me and very little time to get anything done on my workbench. I did make some progress on the Humvee. My main goal was to get it far enough along so it could be used on the game table. My Ork army is in various stages of construction so it fits right in. This week I will start work on some of the details making it look proper for an Ork army.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Epic Orks

I have been re-introduced to the game of EPIC 40K. I have always been interested in this gaming system however very few people played, so I never invested any money. Over the past few months more and more gamers at IOG (Imperial Outpost Games) have been playing Epic. I downloaded the free rules (Epic Armageddon Handbook 2008) and then bought a small army from Ebay. My army showed on in the mail box on Saturday and I was just amazed how small the Orks are.

This morning I took a stab at painting one of the Ork Boyz. Keep in mind when you look at this picture it is much larger then the actual model. This is a 6mm gaming system and the models are really small. Now looking at my army list I have about 500 more models to paint. Good thing it only takes about 5 minutes to paint one of these Boyz.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Humvee Update

This week I spent some time working on the Humvee project. I covered the wheel wells for the front and back. Next step will be to install the suspension and the wheels. I am also going to be making the doors. I want to use the same style that are on the Battle Wagon, I just don't want to loot them from my Battle Wagon. That is all for now.