Monday, August 31, 2009


August has proven to be a busy month for me. The sad part is that I have little to show for it. I only painted a few models and they are not finished. I also started work on my 40K Ork army. The past few weeks I have been going through all my Ork models and started the assembly line. While gathering advise from the WAAAGH forum I noticed a post from Artsoldier35. He scratch built a Humvee to use in his army. In his post he stated that another member, Swampy, was the original designer of the model. He provided a link to the original post that had the templetes for others to make their own Humvee. So, the past few nights I have been cutting away and gluing together my own Humvee. This Humvee will add some charcter to my army along with a different version of the truck. I am only at the strating phase of this build and will keep you posted.