Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wound Counters

It has been over a month since my last post. I placed myself on computer restriction. I was spending more time on the computer rather then working on my models. So I spent the last month finishing some projects and starting some new ones. So I will be getting back on track with posting on a regular basis.

To start I want to share some thoughts about adding style to your gaming table. A friend and I were talking while playing a game. We were using dice to keep track of the wounds for our hero models. We both found this distracting and made the game table look cluttered. I mentioned a post I read on The Waaagh forum. Someone made bases with items on them to keep track of the wounds. So I decided to make some wound counters to keep the game table look better while playing. These were easy to make using extra bits I had laying on my work bench. Each base has a verity of items on it and each item counts as a wound.

This is one of those projects you could get carried away with. I have plans to make other wound counters in the future however for now these will work just fine.