Sunday, June 7, 2009

White Dwarf

Lately I have notice that I am losing interest with White Dwarf. I continue to purchase the magazine to support my local friendly game shop however I feel that I am throwing my money away. The magazine has become more of an advertisement for new products and armies. The pages are filled with a lot of pictures and a small amount of content. I understand that magazines in general are drifting away like newspapers. Most the information that is published in WD has already been posted on forums and blog pages. So by the time WD is available to purchase I have already seen what is printed. The most disappointing issue I have with WD is that noting is fan based. There is no sections for letters to the editor providing tips on modeling or gaming. This is just my opinion and below is my solution.

So why do I purchase magazines anyways. I purchase magazines to find out what is new and ways I can improve. WD lacks the technical information I am hungry for. So I have found myself purchasing military modeling magazines, like Fine Scale Modeler. I am in no way comparing the two magazines, they both provide information to their target audience. I just want more information on the hobby side and feel I have found it with military modeling magazines. Fine Scale Modeler and other magazines like it are full of technical information on painting, modeling and tools of the trade. They are not limited to only one product line so you can really see whats on the market. The best part of military modeling magazines is that they are fan based. You can write a letter and if the content is usable it will be published.

This picture is a "Special Edition" of Fine Scale Modeler which is filled with helpful information. This issue will be on sale until August for $7.95. As gamers and consumers we all have different needs and expectations. This post is just me expressing my needs as a consumer and that is finding a product, like a magazine, that gives me ways to become a better gamer and modeler. WD does not fit the bill any longer and this is disappointing. So if you have the same issues I have with WD and you are looking for ways to improve you modeling skills, take a look at Fine Scale Modeler.