Sunday, June 21, 2009

Small Conversions Make A Difference

This week I took some time to paint a Warhammer Fantasy model. This Black Orc Boss was part of a collection that I recently purchased. It is a great model and was a lot of fun to paint. I did some small conversions to the model and they made a big difference.

Before I tell you about my conversions I wanted to share some thoughts about converting models. I have talked to many gamers over the years and some of them are intimidated by converting models. Not all conversions have to be difficult. Adding different weapons or adding some texture to a model can make a big difference to the end result, a great looking model. If you were thinking about attempting some conversions start with some simple projects and develop your skills. Then you can start doing more advanced conversions.

This model only has two small conversions. First, I re-positioned the arm holding the shield. I did not like the way it was originally positioned. The shield was close to the body and I wanted it to be more open. If your not familiar with this model, the shield and hand are molded together as one piece and you glue it to the arm. I made some cuts to the contact area of the hand and arm and then pinned it into position. After gluing it in place I just added some green stuff to fill the gap. Second, I rapped the great axe with a small gauge wire. This gave the handle some texture and not just a flat surface. These two conversions did not completely change the original model, just gave it a different look.