Sunday, June 7, 2009

Paint Care

It has been a busy week however I was not busy painting models. I had a paint crisis, my paints were drying out causing me great concern. So I spent the week hydrating my paints and putting them in proper storage. If I only had a few different colors I would not have been that worried. I have all the different colors that GW offers along with the Foundation Paints, Washes and Inks. This is a lot of paint and I did not want them all to get ruined.

So why did my paints start drying out. It is simple, the GW paints don't have an air tight seal and the paints start to evaporate. I would assume it is the water that is added to the paint that evaporates however I am no expert in this area. I was storing my paints in a draw and this allowed for the continues evaporation. Also, when I use my paints I would leave the paint open while using it. All these factors played a role with my situation.

I posted on the Waaagh forum for suggestions. I was provided some great feed back that helped me correct this matter. Firstly, I was advised to add a small amount of water and Pledge Future Floor Polish. This would help rehydrate the paint. Secondly, I was advised to store my paints upside down. This will help keep a better seal stopping the evaporation. Thirdly, I added a glass bead to my paint to agitate the paint before I use it. Lastly, I was advised to make sure to keep the paint caps clean. Excess paint around the lip of the paint top can cause the paint cap from closing securely. I took all this advise and was able to save my paints. I also took one more additional step. In stead of storing my paints just in a draw I am now storing my paints in a cigar humidor. If you are not familiar with what a cigar humidor is, it is an air tight wooden box that keeps cigar fresh because it traps in moisture. I can regulate the humidity in the box by adding water to the box. I am now optimistic that my paints should stay hydrated and last a long time. I would also like to thank everyone that provided me with suggestions from the Waaagh forum.