Sunday, May 17, 2009

Time Management

Its Sunday evening and I just finished painting the arms for my Spork Terminators. Painting is a lot of fun for me and I find it very relaxing. My challenge with painting is finding the time. After working all day I come home and have my daily chores that need to be done. I spend time with my wife and pets, when I look at the clock the day is done and I start my life all over again the next day. So I really have to find time to paint. I remember a friend of mine wrote on his blog (Running From The Law) about time management. I took some time to re-read his post and put his words into action.

So this is what I did. I set a small goal for the week, paint the arms for the Terminator unit. I then looked at my schedule and figured out that I could spend 30 minutes a day painting with the exception of two days. This gives me 2.5 hours a week to paint. Then I took the time that I scheduled and went to work. While painting I did not work on other models, just my goal. I knew my time was limited and I didn't want to waste that time. So I stayed focused on my goal. I found this part hard to do. I have a lot of models on my work bench and they all need to be painted. So to eliminate my distractions I put my other models away so I could not see them. All I had on my bench were the models I wanted to paint. This actually helped me stay focused on my goal. Now the arms are done and my next goal is to paint 3 of the Terminators by next Sunday.