Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Life

I have been going through many personal struggles over the past few months. If you know me then you know our home has been broken into twice in the past 3 months. My wife and I no longer feel safe in our own home. Every day I rush home just to make sure everything is safe. It has caused much stress in our lives and we no longer happy in our little home. We decided to purchase our dream home. We both know that it is a bad time to purchase a home due to the great financial problems our Country is faced with. Taking on a second home means more money going out and less money coming due to budget cuts at both our jobs. We just had to decide what was more important, roll the dice and live in our dream home or be unhappy in our current home. We decided being happy and feeling safe was more important than money.

Today we signed the papers on our new home and should close escrow on March 13, 2008. We will be living in Surprise Arizona at Marley Park. We have always wanted to live in this community. This is not track housing and all the homes have a different look. Ours is a model home and has many upgrades. The seller is also including all the furniture and widow treatments. This is great, we only have to move our personal belonging into the new home. The part I like is we will have a park in front of our home and only one person living to the West of our home. It is a great place and I know we will love living in our new home.