Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Step 5.5: Ork Double Wide

I have spent over one week just working on the top piece for the tank. I just completed it last night. I used some brass etching I had purchased from GW for the engine vents. This step was very time consuming however well worth it. Now it is starting to look like a real Ork Double Wide Land Raider. The next step is just detail work. I will be replacing all the rivets with Hex rod. I want the bolt look for this model. Then more green stuff between the top and sides. This will give the model a more finished look. Then some more brass rod handles and I can then start working on the weapons. Still not sure how I am going to equip this tank.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Step 5: Ork Double Wide

Today I put the tracks on the tank and cut the top piece. This is going to be the most challenging part of this project. I have to reconstruct the middle of the piece and new sides for the engine compartment. Then from there it will be easy sailing. I just need to figure out what weapons I want to place on the tank and the crew.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Step 4: Ork Double Wide

I just completed the engine installation. It took some time however it is done. I removed the exhaust pipes and replaced them with Styrene tube. The original exhaust pipes were two pieces and showed seams. I wanted a cleaner look. I know it is a little detail, however it was worth it. Then I had to add additional plastic card to both side of the engine so that the surface was level. This provides a cleaner look and makes the model look like it was built this way, not just pieces glued together. The next step is to cut the top piece of the hull and stretch it out so it cover the hull. After that I can get started on the weapons and fine details. Then I will need to find someone to paint it, if you know me you know I will never paint it.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Step 3: Ork Double Wide

Well after an exciting day at work chasing dogs and dealing with the public. I rushed over to IOG and picked up 2 Ork Battle Wagons. The model is real nice. GW really out did themselves with this kit. I look forward to building one of them real soon, however I want to complete the Ork Double Wide first.

After I calmed down looking over the Battle Wagon I started work on the Double Wide. I assembled the tank hull. It required a lot of fitting to line everything up. Now it is all glued together and I think it looks great. The next step will be the rear of the tank. I guess it would be the engine compartment. I have some ideals of what I want to do with it. I would tell you however what fun would that be.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Step 2: Ork Double Wide

Today I completed the two front hatches for the Ork Double Wide. The bottom one created some issues because the pieces were not flat. This created a bend in the bottom hatch which means I will have to glue it shut. This is not a real big problem because I don't need the hatches to be operational. Next I will get the hull all assembled and prime the inside with flat black. Then after the hull assembly is complete I can start work on the engine assembly, the rear of the tank.

On a different note, on Friday IOG will receive their Ork Battle Wagons. I am looking forward to this model. Not only is it a cool model, I will get some extra parts and pieces for other projects. My 40k Ork army continues to grow and I still don't know how to play the game. Maybe I should learn one of these day.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Step 1.5: Ork Double Wide

I just completed the front piece for my Ork Double Wide. I removed some of the items from the original design and added a few upgrades. As you can tell, I made handles using brass pinning rods. I also upgraded the turret housing using Styrene angle. In addition I removed all the rivets and replaced them them with Styrene hex rod. I was going to prime it today to make sure all by seams are covered however the weather looks like crap outside. Step two will include the joining of the two front hatches. Once those are completed then I can build the body of the tank.