Sunday, August 2, 2020

Chaos Dwarfs

For the past few years our local gaming community has been blessed to have a great Blood Bowl event called The Grumble Bowl.  This is a one day tournament for all the local Blood Bowl players held at our local game store, Imperial Outpost Games.  One of my personal goals is to paint up a new army each year for the event.  The event is not going to happen this year due to COVID 19 and to be honest I don't see any in store gaming taking place for the rest of 2020.  Even thou the event will not happen I decided to paint up a new team anyways.  This year I pulled out my Chaos Dwarfs that I picked up in a trade a few years ago.  This team is made up of some original Blood Bowl miniatures and some conversions from the old Chaos Dwarf army from WFB.  I like how the team turned out and can't wait to get them on the table.   

The photos don't show all the models I have duplicates of the Hobgoblins and some of the the blockers.  I just wanted to show off the models the best I could using my phone camera. 


Sunday, July 26, 2020

Affordable Terrain

I am always looking for unique and affordable terrain for the games I play.  Awhile back I was at Target and noticed these interesting storage containers. 

They were not expensive, $1.99, and were filled with random vehicles and roads that can be used to build a city.  I was just interested in the container and thought it would work good for Gaslands and even 40K as scatter terrain.

The containers need some work removing the company name and if you want the logo.  Once those are removed you have some new scatter terrain for your game table. 

Just so you can get a size comparison that is my recent VW project next to the container.  I feel they are a good size for Gaslands as a storage container and in 40K they could be an ammo box.  Just good terrain at an affordable price.

I decided to paint one up and just give it some weathering.

If you are in the market for some affordable terrain head over to Target and these can be found in the Hot Wheel section. 

Friday, July 10, 2020

Gaslands VW T2 Truck

My recent creation for Gaslands will require you to stretch your imagination.  I picked up a few of the VW T2 Buses because they are one of my favorite vehicles. 

This is an amazing casting however all the copper needed to go and I wanted to add a BFG to the bed of this bad boy. 

I drilled the rivets and striped all the paint and copper.  I wanted to practice using Chipping Fluid on this model.  I gave the body a mixture of brown sponge painting and than a coat of chipping fluid.  Once everything was dry I airbrushed the body white, the ram yellow and the armor plate metal. 

The way chipping fluid works is after the paint dries you take a wet paint brush and start getting the paint wet.  What will happen is the water will penetrate through the paint and loosen it up.  Once that happens you will start removing the paint leaving the undercoat showing.  Model builders have been using hairspray to accomplish the same look for decades, I just happen to like the chipping fluid better. 

Now if you  are observant you might have noticed the ram is on the back of the model and the front window is covered with armor plating.  This is the part that is going to require you to stretch your imagination.  I mounted the BFG facing the back end of the model and decided to make the vehicle driving backwards.  The cab is now the back end of the vehicle and the ram is the front end. 

It does make for a unique looking vehicle on the table.  I even turned the interior around so that it looks real when people look at the model.  It took some time for me to get this project done in between other projects.  My next post I will be sharing more details about that cool yellow container next to my T2. 

Sunday, June 28, 2020

1956 Ford Truck

I recently finished my 1956 Ford Truck that my wife wanted to me to paint for her.  It was meant to be a fast project only taking a few weeks.  Well it ended up taking much longer because I messed up the paint on the cab and had to wet sand it back down and repaint it. 

What happened is I didn't wait long enough between paint and the clear coat causing wrinkled paint.  It was only bad on the passenger side however the cab had to be wet sanded and repainted.  After I repainted I let it sit for 3 weeks until the paint fully cured.  What I learned is that the rattle can gloss paints will dry to the touch in a day however it will not be fully cured for weeks.  This is why model car builders have a few different projects going on at a time so that the paint can cure. 

The engine, rims and suspension came out great.  I didn't get carried away with adding wire details because this model will just be sitting on the shelf in the living room.  The model kit provided a wood grain decal for the bed of the truck and I used that instead of trying to paint it. 

Last night I had a few small details to finish up and I called this model finished.  It was a fun project and I am expanding my painting skills working on these scale models.  Scale models are a lot of fun to build and require more attention to details and tons more patients. 

Here are some photos I took after work today.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

When my buddy Jeff was younger he owned an Old 442 and he really misses his car.  I decided to customize a Hot Wheel Olds for his model collection.  Currently Hot Wheels only makes the Olds with these silly large wheels.  I have a few of these in my collection for Gaslands but it is a perfect match for Jeff's old car. 

After taking the car apart I chopped up the base keeping the front and rear bumpers.  Than I found another base with the same wheel placement so I didn't have to make one.  I took some Goodyear wheels from one of my M2 cars and than repainted the body.  It is a gloss black with ice blue hood scoops.  I'm happy with how it turned out and can't wait to give it my Jeff next time he visits. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Star Wars Legion

One of my goal for 2020 is to finish my backlog of unfinished projects.  I can check one of these projects off my list, my Droid army for Star Wars Legion.  I picked up this starter box last year with the intention of getting into this game.  I painted up the Clone Troopers first and actually played a game with them.  After playing my first game I kinda lost interest in the game.  It just didn't grab my attention and fell flat for me.  I don't think it is a bad game I just have my focus on other games at this time and don't want to learn another set of rules.  Even thou I might not be playing the game right now I still wanted to finish this project and it is done.

I am a Star Wars fan however I don't know much about the Clone Wars and all the different types of droids that were created.  After doing to searching around on the internet I found a color I liked and went for it.  The art I found showed the droids in a Oxidized Red color that looked like the primer I use for some of my models.  That made painting them rather simple and fast.

Geonosis Infantry Battle Droids

The starter box came with 21 models for the army plus I picked up Count Dooku as a second commander model.  I had a lot of fun painting these models and I am sure I will get this game back on the table.  The photos below show all my droids in a group shot and than broken down into separate units.  

My two command models really turned out great.  After painting up Grievous I am tempted to start painting my Necron army but I don't need any more new projects. 

I still have 6 more projects on my shelf that I want to get done this year just not sure which one will be next.  

Friday, May 8, 2020

Diecast Cars

I recently finished another car for Gaslands and one for my future race track, Phoenix Diecast Raceway.

Lets start with Gaslands.  I was inspired by another builder on one of the Gaslands Facebook groups I belong to.  He took the VW Mooneyes Truck and created a very cool vehicle.  I really like what he did and you can see his creation in the photo below.   

I set out to create my version inspired by what he created.  I have a few of these VW trucks and really like how they look. 

These vehicle is still readily available and I still find them in stores when hunting for more Hot Wheels.  I wanted the larger wheels however I didn't want the vehicle to be jacked up.  I took a grinder to the fenders and started removing material until the wheels fit.  I also took out one of the headlights for some added detail.

I added some plastic card for the rear fenders, some window flaps on the doors and bars for the windshield.  This was just a great afternoon project creating this vehicle. 

Slapped on some guns and paint to finish off this build.  I can't wait to get this on the table with all my other VW builds. 

I also repainted and converted a Bone Shaker for my future race track.  I took a stock Bone Shaker and chopped of the skull that is in front of the engine.  I replaced it with a grill from another car from my junkyard.  Gave the vehicle some new paint and it is ready to race. 

You might notice in the background of some of these photos a B1 Battle Droid.  I have been working on finishing up these models for the past week and should have them finished soon.