Saturday, August 18, 2018

Adeptus Titanicus

When Adeptus Titanicus was announced I started saving money so I could jump in with both feet.  Today it was released and I purchased two Grand Master Editions and the large terrain set.  I have always liked EPIC however it was hard to find anyone to play.  Now with AT out I  can start pushing around titan models again.

Adeptus Titanicus is set in The Horus Hersey and is not EPIC.  Only the Warlord Titan and the Knights have been released at this time.  The Warhound and Reaver Titans are scheduled to be released in the future.  This will make the game a bit stale until the new titans are released.  We also have been told that weapons will be released in the future but have not seen anything at this time.

I am not sure what the future holds for this game if it is only going to be titans.  There are not that many different titans in The Horus Heresy leaving very little room for expansions.  They can release weapon packs but even that will be limited to just a few upgrades for the models.  My hope is that the game will evolve into a combined arms game like EPIC in the future.

Until we get more releases from GW I will just enjoy what they have released at this time.  This is not a game bogged down with rules and charts.  The one thing that I really like about the game are the command terminals.  You track everything for you army off the table so you are not cluttering up playing surface with wound counters and tokens.  For now I am finishing up my Blood Bowl team and getting ready for our tournament.  Once I get that team painted my titans will be my focus and getting this game on the table.        

What's New with Mike and Jeff August 18, 2018

Today is the release of Adeptus Titanicus and some news about Space Wolves. 

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Grumble Bowl 2018

What's New with Mike and Jeff in conjunction with Imperial Outpost Games bring you Grumble Bowl 2018.  This is going to be an annual event brought to the community to celebrate the great game of Blood Bowl.  Grumble Bowl

Entry fee is $25 and include an engraved beer stein with both our and IOG's logo.  We are also including a hand painted ball tray (photo coming) that can be used in game play.  If your team is painted you will also receive a pro-painted token that will allow you a free re-roll (see packet for details).  We will all be competing for the Cactus Cup (photo coming) that will impress all your friends.  

In honor of this event I decided to paint up a new team.  I am putting together a Chaos Renegade team, it is a mixed team of different models from a verity of teams.  I will be using the blocker models from the new Doom Loards as my human line man.  I am going to be using a lot of red for this team and it should be fun to play. 

I will post more information as it becomes available.  For now I just need to paint more models and learn how to play a new team.  

Saturday, August 11, 2018

What's New with Mike and Jeff Aug 11, 2018

We do an unboxing of Adeptus Titanicus and so much more.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

What's New with Mike and Jeff Aug 4, 2018

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Orruk Ardboyz

Over the past few weeks I finished up my Orruk Ardboyz for AOS.  I have a total of 35 models to include two banners, one drummer and three leader models.  This collection also includes my 4 models for Shadespire.  The reason I added the additional models is so I can break this unit down into smaller units.  Below are some of the recent models I finished. 

I have only been showing photos of these models in small groups.  I decided to take a group shot and it looks impressive.

I also spent a day last week with my airbrush.  I based coated the rest of my Orruk army, a few endless spells and my new Blood Bowl Team.  This will keep me busy for the next few months before I start another project. 

What's New with Mike and Jeff July 28, 2018