Saturday, October 13, 2018

Sunday, September 30, 2018

1st Annual Grumble Bowl - Blood Bowl Torunament

Yesterday What's New with Mike and Jeff in conjunction with Imperial Outpost Gaming hosted the 1st Annual Grumble Bowl - Blood Bowl Tournament.  We had 18 coaches in attendance for a one day 3 round event.  This will be an annual event and next year we should have it NAF approved.

I brought a new team, The Renegades of Funk, a Chaos Renegade team made up of different races.  It was a departure from my normal Orc teams that I play but still had an Orc on the team.  I won two of my games and lost one, so not bad for me.  I did cause a lot of causalities along the way because that is how we play Blood Bowl. 

Enough of me typing let me share some pictures from the event.

GW sent us 15 copies of Blood Bowl so we would have enough boards for the event.

We had two trophies for the event, Player Choice for Best Painted and the coveted Cactus Cup.  The Cactus Cup is a 3D printed trophy that is approximately 19 inches tall. 

It was a $25 entry fee and everyone received a custom stein with What's New with Mike and Jeff and Imperial Outpost logs engraved on it.  We also provided 3D printed ball trays hand painted by Jeff himself.  If your team was painted to a basic standard you received the Pro Painted token.  This is a two sided token that could be used as a re-roll during the game.

Game rounds were 2 hours and 15 minutes and most coaches finished on time.  All the coaches stayed for all 3 rounds and the awards.

The coach on the left is the shop owner Darren playing in the event using his mind power to control the dice, it didn't work.

We gave away door prizes, the first one was a door.  It was all in good fun and the winner was allowed to exchange it for a gift certificate which he did.

We gave away awards for most causalities taken to Adam and he received a door mat and a certificate for a new Blood Bowl Team.  For most causalities inflicted went to Nate with a new Halloween custom and a gift certificate.   

Player Choice for Best Painted went to Richard along with the trophy he also received a Winsor Newton Series 7 Brush.

The big winner of the event was Eric who walked away with the Cactus Cup.  Now he has to come back next year to defend his title. 

This was a great event and people were having fun.  This was not just about power gaming and trying to beat down the other players.  We wanted everyone to walk away with something for participating in the event, that is why we had the steins and ball trays made.  Some of the coaches showed up and played just for those items.  We encouraged coaches to paint their teams and that is why we created the Pro Painted Token.  This will be an annual event so you can join the fun next year in 2019, plans are already under way.

Big Thanks to the following people for helping make this happen,

Darren Johnson and the Imperial Outpost crew for supporting the event and helping making it a great success. 

Games Workshop for making such a great game and providing support for the event.

Jeff Smith for all the hard work organizing the event and making it happen.  We know it is not easy and Thank You for taking on this event.  

Moto's Glass for the amazing steins that everyone enjoyed drinking from during the event.

Broken Egg Games for the Pro Painted Tokens that came in handy during my games.

To all the coaches that came out and spent the day with us, Thank You, this event was a success because of you and it was a blast.    

Till next year when we do this again.  

What's New with Mike and Jeff Sept 29, 2018

I spent the week in Florida on vacation while Jeff got ready for Grumble Bowl. 

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Blood Bowl Tokens

I painted up tokens for the upcoming Grumble Bowl.  I will use these to mark my re-rolls during my game.  Since I am playing a mixed team I wanted to have one token for each of the different races on my team.  The Grumble Bowl is on September 29th and it will be a fun filled day of gaming with friends.  Until the event I will be spending the rest of this week working on other projects.  

What's New with Mike and Jeff Sept 22, 2018