Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Star Wars Legion

One of my goal for 2020 is to finish my backlog of unfinished projects.  I can check one of these projects off my list, my Droid army for Star Wars Legion.  I picked up this starter box last year with the intention of getting into this game.  I painted up the Clone Troopers first and actually played a game with them.  After playing my first game I kinda lost interest in the game.  It just didn't grab my attention and fell flat for me.  I don't think it is a bad game I just have my focus on other games at this time and don't want to learn another set of rules.  Even thou I might not be playing the game right now I still wanted to finish this project and it is done.

I am a Star Wars fan however I don't know much about the Clone Wars and all the different types of droids that were created.  After doing to searching around on the internet I found a color I liked and went for it.  The art I found showed the droids in a Oxidized Red color that looked like the primer I use for some of my models.  That made painting them rather simple and fast.

Geonosis Infantry Battle Droids

The starter box came with 21 models for the army plus I picked up Count Dooku as a second commander model.  I had a lot of fun painting these models and I am sure I will get this game back on the table.  The photos below show all my droids in a group shot and than broken down into separate units.  

My two command models really turned out great.  After painting up Grievous I am tempted to start painting my Necron army but I don't need any more new projects. 

I still have 6 more projects on my shelf that I want to get done this year just not sure which one will be next.  

Friday, May 8, 2020

Diecast Cars

I recently finished another car for Gaslands and one for my future race track, Phoenix Diecast Raceway.

Lets start with Gaslands.  I was inspired by another builder on one of the Gaslands Facebook groups I belong to.  He took the VW Mooneyes Truck and created a very cool vehicle.  I really like what he did and you can see his creation in the photo below.   

I set out to create my version inspired by what he created.  I have a few of these VW trucks and really like how they look. 

These vehicle is still readily available and I still find them in stores when hunting for more Hot Wheels.  I wanted the larger wheels however I didn't want the vehicle to be jacked up.  I took a grinder to the fenders and started removing material until the wheels fit.  I also took out one of the headlights for some added detail.

I added some plastic card for the rear fenders, some window flaps on the doors and bars for the windshield.  This was just a great afternoon project creating this vehicle. 

Slapped on some guns and paint to finish off this build.  I can't wait to get this on the table with all my other VW builds. 

I also repainted and converted a Bone Shaker for my future race track.  I took a stock Bone Shaker and chopped of the skull that is in front of the engine.  I replaced it with a grill from another car from my junkyard.  Gave the vehicle some new paint and it is ready to race. 

You might notice in the background of some of these photos a B1 Battle Droid.  I have been working on finishing up these models for the past week and should have them finished soon. 

Monday, April 27, 2020

Sarissa Gates for Gaslands

My local shop purchased 3 packs of the Race Gates for Gaslands from Sarissa.  Over the past month or so I have been working on them and I finally finished them.  Gates are an important part for many of the Gaslands scenarios and road racing.  The best part about these gates is they are the perfect size for the neoprene road pack I picked up from Amazon.

The instruction sheets for these gates kinda show you how easy they are to build.

Just like any other MDF kit the first thing you have to do is cut out all the parts.  You need to be careful not to break any of them however if you do not big deal.  This is for Gaslands and battle damage is acceptable.

The side pieces have notches in them and it makes it real easy to put them together.

The base has marks on it so you can glue the gate in the center without having to measure anything.  This was a real nice feature that saved me a lot of time.  I saved the top piece for the end, just made it easier to put on after the gate was glued to the base.

The signs and numbers are made out of cardboard so you need to be careful cutting them out.  Once you have them glued in place and painted they become much more durable.

I was able to build all these gates in about an hour and that was me taking my time. 

This was a fun project for me to take a break for all the car building I have been doing lately.  I really like how these gates look on the table with my road sections. 

Now that this project is done I can move on to my next project. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

68 VW Bug Scale Model

Over the past few years I have taken an interest with building and painting scale models.  The experience is different than gaming miniatures and I am learning new skills.  The past few months I have been working on a 68 VW Bug.  This is my first domestic car model that I have finished and the reason I say that is because I have tried other kits that failed.  Painting a glossy finish on a car is not as easy as I thought it would be and I messed up a few other kits.

I did a lot of custom work on this car and I will say upfront it is not perfect but I had fun working on it.  Let me jump in to all the work I did to this car and show the finished photos.

I added spark plug wires to the engine and painted it in a gloss black so it stands out against the flat black engine compartment.  

I added carpet to the interior floor by using embossing powder.   This is a tip I learned about watching hours of YouTube videos on model building.  It really adds that extra detail that many will never see. 

Normally a VW Bug would have a small wing window and many custom bugs have one piece windows.  I made these by cutting some clear plastic and I wanted them to be open so people can see inside the car. 

I also stripped all the chrome off the body parts and removed many other body parts like the turn signals, lid and trunk handles and other decorative items.  This was a lot of fun and I have plans to work on more scale models in the future. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

3D Printed Models

Something a bit different from me in this post.  I am not a commission painter however every now and again I take on a project.  One of my past co-workers plays D&D and he had figures 3D printed for his character.  He had a small model made for game play and a larger one to display while playing.  Painting up the small model was not an issue because that is what I do all the time.  The larger model was a new adventure for me and I had to put my skills to work.  I found painting the larger model to be a lot of fun.  I had a lot of surface to use my wet blending skills especially with the fire.  I also had a great time painting up the flesh tone and like the way the face turned out.  I am real happy with how these models turned out and I might look at painting up some larger display models in the future.  Anyways now that this is done I can get back to work on more Gaslands vehicles.         

Sunday, April 5, 2020

My Warden Team

I finished up another vehicle that was pulled from my junk pile.  This truck was already set up for Gaslands with the crazy air scoops on the engine that look like mini guns.  The windows already have bars on, the top has a hatch and the doors have extra armor.  All I did was changed out the wheels and added the dogs to the the bed of the truck.  I painted it up and it will be the last vehicle for my Warden sponsored team.  I might name them Judge, Jury and Executioner.  Once this COVID 19 crap passes I will get them on the table and see what they can do.   

Friday, March 27, 2020

Meet the "Enforcer"

Many of the new How Wheel cars are kinda silly.  I have seen many cars that I just looked over and this GotaGo truck was one of them.  I just didn't understand why they would put a toilet on the back of a truck cab.  I was so turned off by this design I just never really looked at it.  Than one day someone had one and I took a closer took to it.  The cab of this truck is really cool and all I needed to do is dump the toilet, get it LOL.  I decided I wanted to add a truck bed and I started digging around in my collection of loose cars.  I found this Willy's truck and thought it was the perfect truck bed.

After I took both trucks apart and got the paint all striped off I starting looking at how to convert everything.

After figuring out how the add the truck bed I decided to cut the front grill off the Willy's and put it on the other truck cab.  I thought it would look better with a better grill.

The top of the cab looks like a thick metal plate and I thought it would like cool with a mini gun.  So I pulled out my Implements of Destruction for my weapons and figure.

I added some more parts with the exhaust pipes and wheels.  It turned out great and will be part of my Warden sponsor team.