Friday, November 30, 2018

Kustom Boosta Blasta

I recently finished my Kustom Boosta Blasta for my Speed Freeks team.  I put this model on a custom based made by Mechanical Warhorse.  The base is made from MDF with a plastic bottom.  There are two holes cut in it to hold dice.  I left the blank in one hole and covered it with basing material.  It is a good base for the buggies if you want to have a wound counter on it. 

Friday, November 23, 2018

GW Paint Pot Test: Month 4

It has been a few months since I updated my GW Paint Pot Test.  The main reason I have not updated anything is I have not been using the paints.  I recently used a few of the colors and decided it was time for an update.  All the paints are still in good shape with not many issued.

The Red paint pot is getting messy because it is the color I use the most.  You can see in the photo all the paint that has collected in the lid.  

The other color I was concerned about was the white.  When I opened it the paint had chunks and lumps in it.  I had to mix with with a toothpick and shake it for a bit and it was fine.  Not sure why the white is doing this I am sure it has something to do with the pigments in the paint.

I also went through all the paints and cleaned the dried paint out of the seals.  They were all in surprisingly good shape except the Red.  

I feel that GW is listening to the complaints about the their paint pots.  They are releasing a new Hobby Box with some unique trays to hold your paint.  The new trays are designed to be mounted on a wall which will help seal the paint better preventing it from drying out.  I also like how these trays have legs so you can set up your paint pallet at your workspace.  I will be getting one to check out and see if it will be worth the price tag that goes with it. 

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Warhammer 40K "OG" Tournament

Yesterday What's New with Mike and Jeff hosted our first annual Warhammer 40K "OG".  The event was held at Imperial Outpost Games in Glendale AZ.  The "OG" does not stand for Original Gangsta, it stands for Old Guys and is a throw back tournament.  We wanted to host an event that had tables filled with terrain and just a fun day of playing 40K.  It was a one day 3 round event with each round taking 2 hours so we could be social and have fun.    We went with Power Level so it was easy to build army lists and required WYSIWYG.  It was also mono armies so only one codex for your army to eliminate MIN MAX builds.  We used the Open War cards to determine the Objective, Deployment and Twist.   

The event was a success with 28 people showing up and staying till the end.  This was originally only going to be an annual event however we were asked by many of the players to host it more often.  We are going to host another Warhammer 40K OG in February 2019 and it might become a quarterly event. 

I played in the event and pulled out my Ork Goff army.  This is an old army that I painted up many years ago.  It still looks good on the table but is showing its age.  I had a blast playing them and I really felt like I was playing Orks again.  I won one game and lost two games and all my games were against great opponents.  I am excited about the Orks and can't wait to get more games in with the new codex.  My next Ork army is going to be Bad Moons and I just finished one of the new vehicle models that came in the Speed Freeks box set.  My goal is to have this new army painted up before the event in February.        

Friday, November 9, 2018

Hobby Trays

I recently posted a photo on Twitter and a few people commented about my Hobby Trays. 

I started using these because the weather is amazing right now in AZ and these trays make it easy to work outside.  I have always had to make many trips back and forth when I decided to work outside.  One day I was searching Amazon for some random reason and saw these food trays.  I quickly noticed how these could make it easier for me to take my project outside.  I can also use the trays if I want to work on the kitchen table without causing damage to the table.  These are sold in a box of 12 for around $16. 

These are a hard plastic with a glossy finish.  They are 12 by 9.5 inches which make a good work surface for modeling.  The trays prevent items and tools from rolling off the tray and the compartments help keep things organized.  While using them I found they are great for having multiple projects going on at once.  I am now keeping my projects on these trays even while at my hobby desk.  It helps keep my desk organized because I can just pick up the tray with my project on it and set it aside when I work on a different project.  

One of the best benefits is helping with bases.  When I am using basing material like sand the tray helps keep my desk clean.  While I am waiting for the glue to dry I can just set the tray aside and get to work on something else.  I can also use one of the compartments to mix up my glue and it will easily clean off when I am done due to the glossy finished of the tray. 

For the price and number of food trays these are a great bargain.  If I end up damaging a tray I am not out a lot of money and I have more.  I can also have a few projects taking place at the same time and can switch between them easily.  This might not be for everyone but I hope it helps a few fellow hobbyists. 

Saturday, November 3, 2018